Restoring Your Family Heirloom – Bring it back to the way it was on day one.


Taking pride in thorough and heartfelt craftsmanship

With time-tested methods, piano rebuilder Mike Smith specializes in bringing 100 year old pianos down to the bare bones and building them up to begin a new generation. 

Full service mobile shop:

  • Soundboard and bridges
  • Strings
  • Action (moving parts)
  • Keys
  • Player systems – pneumatic and electronic
  • Finish

INSIDE AND OUT, “Reset the clock” on your piano’s life.

So how does it work?

A thorough assessment inside your piano will enable us to meet and give you an accurate quote.

I restore your piano in your home in 1-3 weeks (believe it or not) and contain the work dust. I clean up neatly, including over white carpet in the past 🙂

People love seeing the restoration process unfold!

Having fully restored a wide variety of pianos from 1860’s to modern, Mike is prepared to give an exact quote on what it would take to bring yours back to its glory.


New custom soundboard – for a pre 1900s Weber Grand.

1890s Upright Vose & Sons, interior restoration

Family heirloom – Refinished red mahogany, and new white keys.

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