After an in-home quote, most customers’ pianos are in the shop for 2-4 months. We coordinate piano pickup and delivery.


1909 Steinway Model O

1924 Knabe, during and after


Restoring Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Chickering, Weber, and many many others.


Taking pride in thorough and heartfelt craftsmanship since 2016.

With time-tested methods, piano rebuilder Mike Smith and the not-too-big team at Piano Utah specialize in bringing 100 year old pianos down to the bare bones and building them up to begin a new generation. 



What does restoration entail?

6 main areas:

1. Soundboard – the resonant spruce heart of the piano




2. Bridges – the long curvy wood under the strings which transfers vibration to the soundboard




3. Strings and Tuning pins – 230 of them, totaling 20,000 – 40,000 lbs tension







4. Pin block – the greatest contributor to a piano’s ability to hold a tune. The laminated maple block in which tuning pins are held by friction.




5. Keys and Action – moving parts that bring your touch to the strings




6. Refinishing – bringing back that beautiful wood grain or solid color finish, restoring hardware and the metal plate/harp



How do I take the first step?

The best place to start is a thorough assessment inside the piano at your home, so we can have a clear conversation from there about your options, because pricing varies widely depending on the piano’s needs and desired future.

After an assessment, quote, and the choice to move forward, most customers’ pianos are in the shop for 2-4 months. We coordinate piano pickup and delivery.

Call Mike 801-888-2744 (calls preferred)

or text/email a few pictures of your piano to owner@pianoutah.com and any questions you may have.


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When I ask customers why they wanted to restore their old piano instead of just buying a new one with the money…

“Because things were just built better back then.”

“I love the warmer sound of the older pianos.”


Email or text a picture of your piano to owner@pianoutah.com 801-888-2744 and any questions you may have

or submit a question here.


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