Piano Repair

Have one of these issues?

Key sticks

Keys feel rickety, loose

Old looking keys – yellow, chipped

Piano won’t hold tune

Sounds too bright, tinny

Sounds like something is vibrating in there

Sounds muffly, dead

You just know it needs some TLC.

This can all be fixed in your home. Just tell me what’s up text/call Michael 801-888-2744



Hammer Shaving

$150 (Cheaper than replacing a set of hammers! $850)

Where possible I always like to keep and reshape the originals.


Piano hammers get the grooves / indentations in them over time from making repeated contact with the string. The compacted felt can lead to a tinny or excessively bright tone, or deep grooves can lead to muffled and unclear contact with the string. Revealing fresh felt brings out the original youthful tone again. Plus for mechanical reasons, it’s good maintenance and reduces the possibility of other issues. Recommended about every 10 yrs.

Piano Voicing


Does your piano have a bright, tinny sound? Mellow out the tone by having the piano voiced. This service brings a high level of customer satisfaction. Most people don’t even know it’s possible to change the tone quality of their piano.

I prefer if you’re present for this service so you can give your opinion of exactly where you want the tone on the spectrum of bright <——-> mellow.

Action Regulation / Servicing

$100 – 300, recommended every 10 yrs

Most people don’t realize their piano could permanently FEEL better!

Full piano regulation is about achieving the optimal touch and function of the moving parts of the piano. This is done by adjusting the intricate parts of the piano to proper specification and testing. Ask during tuning for a quick assessment of the regulation. One easy test you can do is wiggle a key left to right and see how loose it is. Improving this aspect and a dozen others x 88 are what regulation is all about.



Chipped Ivory Keys

$20 single, $10 each for several.

Though new ivory is not available for sale, chips can be repaired like new.


New Set of Keytops

$450, includes installation.

Old, cracked, or yellowed? Just so nasty you don’t feel like playing? This is no DIY project. I’ve re-done sets of self installed keytops. The right knowledge, supplies, and experience are a must in order to have a quality set of new keys. People love this. High level of customer satisfaction.


chipped keys


new piano keys

New Hammers

$850, includes installation.

Old muffled, dead sounding piano? Hammers are one of the primary factors contributing to the sound quality of your piano. You can see the contrast of old and new hammers below. Having a new set of hammers is a good idea after several decades of use. It can give your piano another generation of youthful sound!


Replace Missing String

$45, includes installation.

New Strings and Tuning Pins – Piano Restringing

$1800 upright, $2000 grand

Does your piano hold it’s tune? After decades, some pianos need new strings and tuning pins. Each situation is multi-faceted and must be handled with detailed inspection and planning. If you have a special piano you want to keep alive, consider an assessment.



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