High Gloss Piano Finish Maintenance

Chips and Scratches

$100 – 300

Removing a scratch in polyester/high gloss black is about a 7 step process. Price depends on depth, size, and location. For example, it is easier to sand and buff out a scratch that is only as deep as the top coat, as in the image below. A chip as deep as the wood requires filling, etc.



In-Home Rebuffing Service $899

No deep scratches? Just lines and faded look?

Once in its lifetime, take care of your piano in this special way! Most people aren’t even aware that high gloss piano finishes can be rebuffed, and it saves the refinishing cost which ranges around $6,500.

Why have paid for a high gloss masterpiece and not maintain it? Hopefully you don’t have deep chips and scratches, so no repair is needed. Just a general look of cobweb-like lines and minor scratches. I can buff an entire baby grand in a few days, in home. You don’t have to move it, saving you another $500, and it will look like it just came off the showroom floor!

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Have me take a look during a tuning visit.


Before working magic20181219_113449

After working magic



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