I have an old piano. Is it worth restoring?

Common question. Fair question too.

This is what I tell people: I see 3 ways you could take the question. Worth in the market, sentimental worth, and intrinsic potential of the piano.

As for market value, the cost of restoration is generally more than the market value ends up being. Unless it’s one of a few big names, your chances of selling it for the cost of a full restoration are slim. To justify going forward, you would need to value the piano in one or both of the following areas:

Is the sentimental value strong enough to justify the cost? Sentimentally, that is a choice only you can make. I have had the privilege of connecting with some VERY meaningful legacies. And surprisingly, many customers don’t think much about the market value if they plan on keeping the piano. Which brings us to the third area.

Intrinsic potential of the piano: Most pianos still standing from 100 years ago were built with true craftsmanship and restore beautifully in sound, feel, and aesthetics. Is remarkable to hear the first tone speak after extensive work.  It’s the moment I build toward in my work.

With a thorough assessment, I always give my honest opinion, reporting condition of component parts, and what it would take to partially or fully restore the instrument. I give a quote, and then it’s your call.

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