Hand-Picked Golden Era Pianos

Choose a piano to have restored for you.

I see a lot of pianos, and on occasion, I get a feeling. So I bring in a candidate for restoration. I keep the inventory pretty small, only with pianos which have stood the test of time and are capable of being sturdy, beautiful, fully restored instruments. May they continue their legacy and bring wonderful music to the new owner and next generation.


Price for a fully restored piano is comparable to the price of some new pianos. I have yet to hear a new piano which adequately replicates the old sound. Pay half upfront, half upon completion.




1906 Howard Upright $5000


1906 Kimball Upright $6000


1905 Chickering Upright $6500


1923 Chickering Grand 5’10” $7500


1915 Steinway OR 5’10” with restored player mechanism $35,000

NO PICTURE – currently disassembled.