Have a vintage piano made new for you…instead of buying off the assembly line




Offering complete restoration of a wide selection of vintage Steinway pianos for less than half of what you’d pay for a new one. Not to mention the incredible qualities of vintage pianos. The same service is available for other brands. This is an option not often considered when buying a new piano. High level of customer satisfaction.

The other half of our business comes from restoring generational family pianos. See the quality of our restoration services here

Approximate Price for a new Steinway

A fully restored interior/exterior (like new) Steinway grand, delivered, comes out to be less than half of the above prices.


How to get started:

I like to make a real connection with the people I do work with. A phone call is a great place to start. You’re also welcome to visit our shop in South Ogden. People have found the mini-tour quite fascinating. 

Then it’s about selecting the style of piano you want. Curly and ornate, or straight edges and classy. I have a whole range of pictures being uploaded soon.

Select the size – I much prefer to work on pianos whose sound I will love when finished. So string length and size of the soundboard are big contributing factors. Anything in the 5’10”- 7″ range is a great option for most situations.


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Other restored pianos currently ready for sale

1898 Chickering 6’5″ model 116 fully restored, with original soundboard, ornate design and brass color trim $18,000

Incredible sound must play

email owner@pianoutah.com