Hand-Picked Golden Era Pianos

Choose a restored piano

On occasion, I bring in a candidate for restoration. I keep the inventory pretty small, only with pianos which have stood the test of time and are capable of being sturdy, beautiful, fully restored instruments.

Price for a fully restored piano is comparable to the price of some new pianos. I have yet to hear a new piano which adequately replicates the quality of sound intrinsic to so many pianos of this era.



Restored Pianos and Candidates


1923 Chickering 5’8″ – Anniversary Edition. $12,500


1915 Steinway “OR”, with restored player (duo-art) $35,000. Claim it now price $32,000 (half up front.)



1906 Howard Upright $3500 *SOLD*

Restrung, refurbished action (moving parts), new key tops, original ebony sharps, structural interior work. Ready for a new generation.


1906 Kimball Upright $6000 when restored, or claim it now for $5000, pay half up front *SOLD*


1905 Chickering Upright $1200 as is or $6500 when restored *SOLD*



Chickering 7’6″ year 1900 “Yacht tail”

Being restored. About 20k. I’m very excited to hear this piano come alive.