Offering complete restoration of a wide selection of vintage Steinway pianos for FAR LESS than what you’d pay for a new one, delivered! Or you could buy a new one and have it worth half what you bought it for…


Not to mention the incredible qualities of vintage pianos compared to the new ones.


The best unconventional way to own a Steinway, and a better Steinway. High level of customer satisfaction!


Approx Price

New vs. Restored Steinway

Grand Piano LengthPrice NewVintage Restored Price
Model S 5’1″$69,500$35k
Model M 5’7″$74,200$38k
Model O or L 5’10”$83,000$42k
Model A 6’2″$96,000$48k
Model B 6’10”$109,000$55k
Model D 8’11”$171,000$68k

How to get started:

I like to make a real connection with the people I do work with. A phone call is a great place to start. You’re also welcome to visit our shop in South Ogden. People have found the mini-tour quite fascinating. 

  • Select your brand
  • Select your style (curly and ornate, or straight edges and classy)
  • Select your size (approx length)
  • We find a match, nationwide
  • You like it, you want it
  • You agree to complete payment and we agree to complete and deliver said piano
  • You pay half
  • We bring in your piano
  • We completely restore and refinish the piano
  • You pay the second half
  • Your piano is delivered.

About 6 months start to finish.

*Selecting size – I much prefer to work on pianos whose sound I will love when finished. So soundboard area and string length are big contributing factors. Anything in the 5’10”- 7″ range is a great option for most in-home situations.

The same service is available for other brands – Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering, Weber, Boesendorfer etc.

See more in-depth about the quality of our restoration services here

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Other restored pianos currently ready for sale

1898 Chickering 6’5″ model 116 fully restored, with original soundboard, ornate design and brass color trim $18,000

Incredible sound must play