Piano Tuning and Maintenance

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Basic tuning $119!

Full service (for neglected pianos) $369.


So How Does It Work?

  • Call or text Michael 801-888-2744 for an appointment.
  • I come out and maintenance takes 1-4 hours
  • Pay with cash, check, card, or Venmo 🙂
  • Serving between Draper and Ogden


I am often recommending full service on a neglected piano. This includes shaving the hammers to remove the grooves/flat spots, reveal fresh felt and round the surface of the hammers. This will last you several years with regular use, whereas tuning is recommended annually. It also includes adjusting the intricate moving parts to spec so that the touch is where it ought to be. Lastly, tuning on a neglected piano is almost always a stretch tuning to bring it up to standard pitch and then a fine tuning from there. Usually done the same day. This all runs $369 if needed. I always check before I get started in case it is simpler, but I encourage people to be open to this catch-up work if their piano has not been maintained in a long time.

I have a special old piano, I might want a quote for in-depth restoration.

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Your Piano Tuner

Piano tuning is an art and a science.

Having perfect pitch since he was little, starting piano technician work at age 16, and holding a degree in music, Michael Smith is prepared to bring your piano to its optimal sounding capacity. He uses both aural and electronic tuning techniques.

Michael tunes, repairs, restores, and refinishes pianos.

Call or text Michael 801-888-2744 for an appointment or if you have a question.


Tuning Special $119 text/call MICHAEL 801-888-2744


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