Piano FAQ’s: Please post your questions

How often should a piano be tuned?

It is recommended to avoid labor-intensive major expenses on replacing piano parts (pins, strings, etc) that pianos be tuned every 12 months. Not to mention the joy of having a freshly tuned piano! Piano teachers often choose to have their pianos tuned every quarter or bi-annually due to frequent use. It is wise to not let your piano go more than a year without being tuned.

What if my piano hasn’t been tuned in a LONG time?

Most pianos which have not been tuned in over a year have gone excessively flat and require a pitch raise, followed by a basic tuning. (total $169) The piano tuner essentially does the job twice, because the strings need to be stretched to the standard range, after which they can hold the tuning. If a tuner were to attempt to tune a very flat piano, it would not stay in tune and need a second pass. For this reason, a pitch raise is necessary to bring the piano back to stable operation, after which annual tunings will suffice to keep the piano well maintained.

Do you do repairs?


I have sticky keys. Can you fix that?


My piano sounds tinny or like something is vibrating on some notes. What could be the problem?

This is a fairly common issue which can arise from very minor causes to more serious and expensive issues. The most minor cause I have commonly seen is simply a lodged object (paper, toothpick, small toy, etc) resting up against a string or strings inside the piano. This is easily solved. The more major causes include cracked soundboards, broken strings, misalignment issues or other parts needing replacement.

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