1959 Knabe, Baby Grand

This piano was passed to a granddaughter who chose to revive it, though it had not been played much or treated well over the years.

A black satin finish was desired. Far finer materials than the original were used, and a much more thorough process (over 100 hours of “shoulder”).



(Dings, scratches, and wear marks all over the piano. Black semi-gloss painted finish.)


Though it had not been cared for or played much for decades, I marveled at the integrity of the Knabe (*this one was in fact made when Knabe themselves still made them) and it was just rich how the final tune up brought that full resonance out, as if no time had passed! It was a joy to do this work.

Original gold decal obtained.


Satin Ebony Piano Finish


Top, showing satin sheen


Incredible interior integrity.


All metals polished, felts replaced.


Side view



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