Piano Restoration



Interior restoration ranges from $2000 – 20,000 depending on the needs of the piano. Most are about 5000 – 8000. Your options range from refurbishing existing parts to having completely new parts, all the way down to the soundboard. In any case, the results are magnificent to see older instruments be alive again. The best place to start is a thorough in-home assessment, from soundboard to keytops, and then have a conversation from there. Text or call Michael 801-888-2744.




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How it’s done:

Strings and Tuning Pins

Replacing old strings adds new richness to the sound. Piano strings last a LONG time, way longer than guitar or violin strings, for example. Yet they need replacing generally once in the lifetime of a piano. During this process, larger tuning pins are also installed (bottom right) to so the piano will hold a tune with greater stability.

Soundboard and Bridge

The “belly work” is the most in depth, and for me, the most rewarding and satisfying work. It involves precise custom woodworking and the finest materials.



Repairing a cracked soundboard, below



Changing out 40+ yr old hammers is a very common restoration item. Often the old felt has become too soft and mushy to produce a full tone, contributing to a dead, muffled sound. This image shows the aesthetic contrast during installment. I was very pleased with the brighter fuller tone of this restored 1905 piano.



These important felts cease the vibration of the string after it has been played. When they are not working properly, you get an after-ring in various sections of the piano. A clean end to the sound is as important as a clean beginning!

The Piano Action

The moving parts of the piano are a complex arrangement of wooden, leather, metal, and felt parts. To be working correctly, multiple parts relating to each key needs to be adjusted individually. It’s my jam! The touch and sound difference is surprising. The finest modern technology and parts are also available for installation.

Again, interior restoration ranges widely. The best place to start is a thorough in-home assessment and a quote. Text or call Michael 801-888-2744.

Assorted Pictures, Interior Restoration

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